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AIMP 3.00 | Build 981 | 2012

Sobat Blogger mania semua anda pasti tau kan AIMP, yah memang mirip dengan winamp sih sob ga jauh beda, tapi kalau sobat mau pakai AIMP ni ga berat loh sob, beratnya cuma 6.Mb an lah sob, ga kaya winamp yang mencapai 20.Mb an kan jauh banget tuh sob.., ya sudah ga perlu panjang lebar, di bawah ini deskripsinya ni sob :

Screenshot :

Here are some key features of "AIMP":

· Crystal-clear sound, technology of reproduction essentially differs from Winamp and WMP;
· Sensitive equalizer;
· A maximum of functionality from a minimum of resources;
· The minimal consumption of system resources;
· Multilingual support;
· Support of set of formats of audio
· Adjustment of global and local hot keys (patterns from WinAmp and WMP);
· Flexible options of the program and various covers will allow you to make A.I.M.P. completely individual;
· Support of plug-ins with which help it is possible to expand opportunities of the program;
· The audioconverter codes music from the most different formats in wma, mp3, wav, ogg;
· audioGrab allows to overtake AudioCD in Mp3, OGG, WAV or WM;
· The sound recording will allow you to write down a sound from any audio of the device in system;
· The built - in editor of tags, support WMA, MP3, OGG;
· An opportunity of record AudioCD, MP3-disks and disks with given

· Sound Card
· DirectX 8.1 or above
· 3 Mb at HDD

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Localizations were updated
· Playlist: Algorithm of CUE sheets catching for the audio files has been improved - support of files with double extensions has been added
· Fixed: Buffer for DMO effects is not cleared after playback stopping
· Fixed: Information about the duration of the files is read incorrectly from the playlist in PLS format
· Fixed: Autoname for equalizer preset generates incorrectly for the virtual files
· Fixed: "Default" button in DSP Manager resets all of its settings to their default values only on the second pressing
· Fixed: Number of the track in the playback queue cuts off in playlist in some cases
· Fixed: Folder and Files aren't sorted by thier names on adding them from Windows Explorer
· Fixed: Data from CUE sheets aren't caught up for files in .DTS
· Fixed: Applications hangs on attempt to play file without audio data, but with tags
· Fixed: Player doesn't allow to add files in AIFF format to playlist
· Fixed: Small scratches can be heard on quiet tracks when equalizer is swi...

Nah bagi sobat yang ingin download, silahkan download melalui link downloa di bawah ini ni sob, di jamin gratis.., tis...tis... sob...:


Semoga Bermanfaat Sob...., Thank's...^_^....

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